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free to use 13 SEO items checks some 40.000 keywords daily to see if there has been a major change in SERPs. It's a tool to come and check it every day for possible algo change.

A very basic tool for site rank tracking. With a set of keywords you would like to keep tracking the rank of your site in Google on a daily basis.

SEO Ping is an automated proces that keeps checking every hour if your sites are respecting the SEO rules you set like noindex, 410, 301, canonical. You get an alert if your page does not return the result you specify.

The tool will track the status of indexing in Google until all pages have got indexed. Give it a list of URLs and the tool will check the indexing status daily.

Looking for longtail keywords? This script will give a wide range of keywords from Google Suggest.In one query, you will get around 500-600 keywords instantly.

Need to find out Pagerank of multiple sites? This tool will return Pagerank of multiple sites at the same time. No Captcha. It is an ideal tool for quickly checking the authority of many sites.

If you have a set of newly created pages and wondering if they are indexed in Google? This script will tell you exactly that.

This script will get you domains and their URL in a table format from a SERP. It comes in handy when you have to obtain and analyze top ranking sites for a certain keyword.

When doing a link revision for link disavow, this tool might help you with creating a shorter list to analyze. This tool will remove the duplicate from the same URL and leave you only one URL per domain.

You list URLs and the tool will return if they have a link to your site and if so, with what anchortexts with dofollow or nofollow attributes. Good tool for bulk-checking external links from Webmaster tools.

This tool will check if you have missed out on adding alt attribute to images. Handy for a basic SEO auditing of a site. It can crawl a site till the second level deep or can crawl a list of URLs.

External link lists often contain shortened URLs. This tool will return the unshorten version of the URLs. Handy for a link clean-up process.

By checking if a site is banned from Adsense, you can sometimes tell how spammy a site is. This tool will bulk-check multiple sites at the same time and return if they are banned from Adsense.

Usage limit up if you register

Registered users have 3 times more usage than non-registered users. Additionally, within one single request the bulk check looks up twice.

Latest SERP changes from algorithmic updates looks up around 40.000 keywords around the same time from the same time every single day and monitors the SERP changes comparing with the data the day before. you can detect possible Panda, Penguin updates and other smaller updates from this chart.

If traffic of your site goes down or up, this tool is handy, just refer to this chart to see if it's something algorithmic impacting more sites or just you.

See detailed SERP Flux