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Check important SEO rules on your pages with SEO Ping

Ping = a software or utility to check the network connection. SEO Ping is a tool to ping to your pages and check against the rules you set to see if they are sticking to your rules.

index,follow„ÄĀnoindex,follow and noindex,nofollow, you have 301 redirect or rel="canonical", 404 or 410 errors. They are many ways to SEO your pages but it is a pain in the neck to keep checking if each of your pages are returning the status you specified. SEO Ping tries to minimize the pain and monitors these SEO settings for your pages on your behalf.

Use SEO Ping now

Every hour ping to your pages to see if they comply to the rules you set

This page should 301 redirect to another page, this page has to give a 410 error, robots.txt has to contain disallow:/abc. This mirror site has to have in its robots.txt disallow:/ to block everything etc... SEO Ping will every hour fetch your pages and compare the results of the fetch with your conditions and display the ping results in your dashboard.

SEO Ping


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