Keyword Rank Tracker

Track Your Site Ranking

Free keyword rank tracker is a tool that tracks your site ranking for any keyword you register on a daily basis. It is a very basic but important must-have SEO tool particularly when your site is competing for big keywords as opposed to long tail keywords.

To use this tool for free, registration is required but no worries, you need only your email. Registration takes 30 seconds and you can set up your list of keywords and start checking the rank changes every day.

Start monitoring Your Site Ranking Now

Simple dashboard lets you see the over all performance of your site.

Access the dashboard every day and monitor any changes in your site ranking. Detailed ranking report, Average ranking for all keywords and Flux of the number of keywords ranked in top 1, top 5, and top 10 are all in one simple page. You can also add more keywords or delete them any time you want.

Keyword Rank Tracker


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